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Garden Maintenance

Landscaping services in Melton - Melton Landscaping

A garden or lawn is one of the most efficient parts of any property. Beautiful garden design will enhance the beauty and value of the property. If you are looking for the best designers, then Melton landscaping is the best option for you. We prepare the best designs according to customers' demands. We provide all the services from start to end, including the selection of plants for lawns and maintenance of lawn to keep it green and beautiful for a long time. We are always ready for the inspection of your site to give guidance to our customers to keep their lawn healthy. We provide the best maintenance services to keep your plants healthy for a while. We provide all the necessary services include ng the mowing, clearing, and the land treatment services to keep your lawn green for a long time.


Melton landscaping is well known for providing the best lawn caring services to keep the lawn healthy and energetic for a long time. Melton region has different weathers, and keeping the lawn healthy is very difficult, especially in the arid weather condition. We provide the best turf laying services and help you to choose the best plants and flowers for lawn and also provide you with essential guidance about the steps follow for keeping the lawn in good condition. We provide the best maintenance services, including the proper irrigation and trimming services, to keep your lawn green during the arid condition. We try our best to provide the best maintenance services.

Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance of landscape in both the private and commercial is a challenging process. But you do not need to worry because Melton landscaping is ready to provide you with best schedule maintenance services which are very beneficial for the flourishing of plants. As lawn doesn't require a daily repair, we make a planned schedule for its maintenance which includes trimming, clearing, and pruning of lawn. We also add some other services that protect the lawn from pests in our schedule maintenance. We are always ready for your help and make a schedule according to your desires, either it will be after one week or month.

Professional Care

Melton landscaping has the most experienced landscapers that provide the best garden maintenance services. Our experts work very hard and provide the best mowing, clearing, and soil treatment services. Our experience in this field and the use of the latest equipment helps us to fulfil the requirements of our customers. We inspect the soil perfectly for providing the nest maintenance services. We guide our customers to follow such steps that will help to maintain the beauty of the health of their lawns.

Retaining Walls

There will be very difficulties arise due to water flow if there will be any difference in the ground level. We provide the best services for manufacturing and designing the best retaining walls that stop water from flowing over the lawn and keeping the beauty of lawn unaffected. We manufacture many different structures, including wooden and stone barriers. We are well known for making and maintenance of retaining walls all over Melton.